All you need to know about Bingo Café

The online gambling world, as a surprise for many, had already started in 1996, this including online casinos, online slots, poker and blackjack rooms and of course, online bingo, the digital version of the classic game of 500 years old. Since 2003, there has been a special platform dedicated to pleasing all of those bingo lovers, this one is Bingo Café.bingo cafe promo

Bingo Cafe is an online casino powered by a software created by LeapFrog, one of the most known casino game developers. Even though not-downloadable casino versions are more common, in order to play Bingo Cafe you need to download their official software, but don’t worry, the Bingo Cafe installer simplifies the process in such a way that it will only take a matter of minutes.

Starting to play is very easy, all you have to do is to fill the required fields which only demand basic personal information, make your deposit and you will be all set.  Keep in mind that due to federal legal regulations, U.S players are not allowed on this platform, yet the US Dollar is the only accepted currency. Ironic, right?

Let’s keep going

The game takes place in a sort of cafe, or old-style bar. In this cafe, you will find the many available game rooms for you to choose. Even though you would think Bingo Cafe is just about Bingo, it actually has a wide selection of online slot machines that complement the whole bingo experience.

In case you get bored of Bingo, this online platform offers you the possibility of playing in an online slot machine. Give it a try! Get out of your bingo comfort zone!

Although you can keep this sort of games, the main attraction keeps being Bingo.


In order to start playing, you will first need to make a purchase. From time to time, you get to enjoy some actually free bonuses, the not deposit is required, it is as simple as signing up.

Either way, if you are not that lucky, but you are a new member of the Bingo Cafe community, you will surely enjoy some very high welcome bonuses. To make your first deposit, you can use any of the following payment methods:

  • Credit/Debit Cards Visa or MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • InstaDebit
  • Skrill
  • PrePaid Cards
  • Bank Deposits (Only Canada)

If you are signing up for Bingo Cafe, we should also play Bingo, right? Well, on this platform there are 4 available bingo rooms, nevertheless, they are not all opened at the same time, it varies depending on the number of visitors and the number of online users.

By placing your mouse around each room, you can see the room’s info: number of connected players, card costs, prizes and much more.

The layout is very well-designed and very user-friendly. It is almost impossible to get lost when playing in this bingo.

For the moment, you can only find a 75-ball bingo, you would expect more bingo alternatives considering the whole purpose of this website is bingo playing, nevertheless, the gameplay is still pretty great and users will get to have hours of fun and hundreds of winning (if they are lucky enough) with this simple-modality bingo.

In conclusion, Bingo Cafe is a decent and straightforward online bingo. Very reliable in its operations and very entertaining. Still, a few more bingo modalities for the bingo would greatly improve this bingo and it will surely attract many more customers.

Bingo Hall, Home Sweet Hall

Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia? Does it ring a bell? This is the great grandfather of the bingo we play today. It was later known as “Le Lotto”, to change a few centuries later to “Beano” and it finally stayed with “Bingo”, and from that moment on, it was just known as one of the most popular games in history. By just shouting “Bingo” everyone will already know what you are talking about. That’s the magic of this five-letter beautiful word.

Nevertheless, as everything else nowadays, the game had to adjust to the technological era and that’ how we started to hear about online bingo.

Online bingo is actually a very entertaining alternative in which you can spend hours playing without ever getting bored. Additionally, when you win, you win big!

Bingo Hall is one of the most popular online bingo platforms at the moment with more than 2.5 million members and more joining every day!

But what is Bingo Hall?

Bingo Hall started in 2002 as one of the first online bingo platforms, innovating in the casino gaming industry by incorporating more bingo modalities, weekly and daily special tournaments, special prizes for their loyal members and much more.

Its software is currently empowered by Parlay Entertainment, one of the best game developers for casino programs.

Although Bingo Hall is famous for its bingo platform, they have slowly incorporated many other casino games such as slot machines and video poker. Even though the game list cannot be compared to one of other online casinos, it is a great alternative for when you are tired of playing bingo.


In Bingo Hall, there are 7 bingo rooms available for playing, all of them with different themes, patterns, and difficulties. Regardless of your choice, entertainment is guaranteed with this website.

By playing bingo not only you will have hours of fun, but you can also take home very high winnings. Bingo Hall offers many jackpots and prizes possibilities; they can be found in the regular bingo rooms or in the special tournaments that are arranged frequently.

One of the things that people like the most about this bingo platform is the high chances they have to see their name on the weekly winners’ list.

Bonuses and rewards

Bingo Hall knows how to take good care of their visitors: rewards, and pretty big ones. New players receive welcome bonuses and old players get VIP loyalty rewards. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, Bingo Hall extends the useful life of your deposits.

Bingo Hall newbies receive welcome bonuses as up to 800% in their initial deposits while VIP players get birthday bonuses, regular deposit bonuses and the opportunity of participating in very exclusive tournaments.

Keep in mind that these credits that come from bonuses cannot be cashed out! They must be used within the Bingo Hall platform.

Protecting your information

Bingo Hall uses a flawless security system similar to the ones we can find in financial institutions, which protects the user’s personal and financial information.

The security system has been approved, certified and is constantly monitored by several third-party companies such as Norton, Gaming Labs, and McAfee.

Safe call

Online bingo is a real thing, it’s popular and contagious, and many companies are taking advantage of it to create their own online bingo platform, nevertheless, these new platforms do not guarantee their transparency nor their fairness.

The safest choice is to go play bingo like Bingo Hall, which has had years of experience in this business that confirm their reliability and in case you are facing any trouble with the platform, you can always contact their good customer support team.

Leo Vegas Casino, Casino Operator of the Year 2016

Goals and missions should always be created when starting a new business, regardless of the industry they find themselves in, online casinos are no exception. Today, we will be talking about a casino that had a vision when it first started their operations: Leo Vegas Casino. This is a casino that even though it doesn’t have much time in the business, it’s currently in the spotlight because they set themselves goals and they are absolutely killing it.leo vegas casino

Leo in Latin stands for Lion, a Lion is the king of the jungle as Leo Vegas is the king of casinos. Even since their beginnings, their work was qualified as innovative and interesting. They saw the potential of an emerging industry that wasn’t something very attractive at the moment, this is the mobile gaming industry

And Leo Vegas Casino’s mobile platform is just a masterpiece, it was this platform that gave them the award “Casino Operator of the Year 2016” at the International Gaming Awards and at the Gaming Intelligence Awards. They were also awarded with the “Mobile Operator of the Year 2016” in the EGR Nordic Awards and in the EGR Innovation Awards they took home the award for “Best Innovation in Mobile and Tablet”.

In the end, Leo Vegas casino has been capable of offering a unique online platform where their gaming community will find high-quality entertainment, easily reachable from their desktop, their laptop or from any type of mobile device.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions? Yes, in general, Terms and Conditions are very important, but they are even more important when talking about online casinos since many of these casinos refuse to pay the winnings users have so hardly earned based on what is established on this instrument.

Leo Casino has pretty straightforward clauses about their gameplay, their bonuses, the deposits and the withdrawals, this way you won’t get an unpleasant surprise the next time you’re trying to cash out your winnings.

Either way, remember to always read carefully these instructions because some of them might impose restrictions based on your currency, payment method or geographic location.

The games

What do we do in a casino that doesn’t have good games? Absolutely nothing.  When Leo Vegas was created, its purpose was to fulfil the expectations of every type of players, leading to an extensive game list pretty hard to beat, with more than 400 games available, including:

  • Online slots: In Leo Vegas casino you can enjoy online slot machines with an HQ imagery and high-tech sound system, achieving an incredible casino experience.
  • Virtual table games: Would it be a casino without the traditional table games? Of course not. You can play many variants and types of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, among other popular games.
  • Live Casino: live the experience of playing in a real casino from the comfort of your home. This modality is actually one of the most used features on the entire website of Leo Vegas.
  • Sportsbook: the latest project by Leo Vegas, an online sportsbook that allows you to bet on your favorite sport for your favorite team at any given moment of the day.

You can first use the trial version of the games to later start using real money. If you only want to enjoy a few hours of fun a day, all you have to do is sign up and start playing.

On the contrary, if you’re truly looking to take something home, you will need to make an initial deposit, but don’t worry, the welcome bonuses of Leo Vegas will surely extend the useful of any deposit you make with this platform.

Why everyone loves Royal Vegas Casino?

If you think about casinos, the first picture that always gets to your head is the main boulevards of Las Vegas, with those big casinos that are always screened on the movies.royal vegas casino games

“The city of sin” is the mother of all casinos, it’s the inspiration for all types of casinos, whether they are land-based or online, they all aim to resemble in their own way to the beautiful and dangerous city of Las Vegas.

Since 2000, The Royal Vegas Casino has been capable of recreating this concept with their amazing online platform. Nevertheless, this is just more than a Vegas casino, it’s a Royal Vegas Casino because besides offering their customers unique gambling opportunities with interesting and entertaining games, their clientele also gets to be treated as Kings and Queens.

Who are they?

The Royal Vegas Casino is an online casino which has been in the business for more than 16 years, it’s a part of the world-wide recognized Fortune Lounge of Online Casinos, one of the biggest groups in the e-gambling industry.

Their years of experience has consolidated their business concept and has allowed them to build a very loyal gaming community, a phenomenon which is rarely seen when talking about casinos.

In the casino niche, customers are considered to be kangaroos, once they get tired of a casino or at their first lost, they just jump to another casino to continuing testing their luck.

If a casino is capable of controlling these kangaroos, just like Royal Vegas has been doing for the past few years, they are probably doing their job pretty well.

What do they offer?

One of the reasons they have been of keeping their users loyal to them is by simply offering what customers are looking for in an online casino: good games in a reliable platform that guarantee fairness and equity conditions and a good customer support in case something happens.

It sounds so simple, nevertheless, just a few online casinos can truly offer those features. This concept has been the key to success Royal Vegas Casino and this success has been recognized by many international organizations. In 2015, it was awarded as the best online casino and it has been a multiple times recipient of customer service awards.

Additionally, all of its activities are regulated and monitored by the Malta Gaming Authority and the eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), protecting international customers from getting scammed.


In order to get a gaming license, all casinos, (land-based and electronic) must comply with certain security requirements. Some casinos just offer basic gaming protection just to get that license and operate “legally”, but Royal Vegas Casino has gone beyond this and has implemented many measures to truly protect their users.

It uses a 128-bit SSL Digital Encryption to keep your information (personal and financial) safe from hack attacks. This technology is the same that is used by big banks and financial institutions all over the world.

Customer service

The customer service of Royal Vegas Casino is widely praised because it is extremely efficient -one of the quickest response time average- and extremely effective -capable of delivering real solutions to their clients’ problems and inquiries.

Mega Moolah, the millionaire maker

Mega Moolah is one of the most played online casino games in the history, but in order to understand how this game works, we first need to explain progressive Jackpots.

A progressive Jackpot is a type of Jackpot that can be seen most commonly in slot machines and in video poker, the value of this jackpot increases with each played game. Usually, many machines are connected to the same jackpot, the more games are played, the bigger the jackpot will be.mega moolah casino online

This jackpot continues to increase until someone hits the big jackpot, restarting the counting. These progressive jackpots are famous because they have the potential to deliver very high and lucrative prizes, capable of changing your life around in case you get the right figures on your screen.

Mega Moolah, or as some people call it “The Millionaire Maker” is an online slot machine which features one of the most popular progressive jackpots since it usually distributes more than $1 million every time someone hits the big jackpot.

It is your typical online 5 reel, 25 pay-line slot machine, except that this one is themed in the Wild-Africa. Most people don’t appreciate the natural beauty that can be found on lions, zebras, monkeys, elephants, and giraffes until they start playing these games and until those animals start making them win real money.

The HD colorful graphics of this game just contribute for a better gaming experience and today, this wild and beautiful Africa offers you the chance of becoming very very rich in just a matter of seconds

But how does Mega Moolah work?

There are three types of Jackpots, the Mini, the Major and the Mega, with every single bet you place while playing Mega Moolah a small portion goes to the Progressive Jackpot pool, if more bets are placed, those small portions would then build a very solid and fruitful jackpot.

The jackpot doesn’t have any limits when growing, it only stops growing when a player hits the Mega jackpot and wins the Mega Moolah, all prizes are then drained in their entirety. If you haven’t seen recent winners, it only means the jackpot is bigger than ever.

The applied mechanism has worked great for many players who have had the luck of cashing out millions in winnings. On the other side, there are progressive jackpot machines who haven’t seen a Mega winner in more than 20 years, nevertheless, this is not the case for Mega Moolah.

 In order to win Mega Moolah, you need to hit one of three jackpots mentioned above and the real question is how exactly do we do that?

The answer to this question is a bit uncertain. As any other casino game, there is no way of predicting the results, otherwise, all casinos would have probably gone bankrupt decades ago.

Winners are chosen completely randomly thanks to Mega Moolah’s random number generator, guarantying fairness and equality between all players. Therefore, anyone can win Mega Moolah at any given time.

The best advice we can give you is to sit, play and enjoy, even if you don’t hit the Mega jackpot, you will spend many hours of fun with these wild African animals. Enjoy the ride!

What it gives All slots casino

One of the biggest challenges every business faces is to become sustainable over time, regardless of the difficulties and obstacles they might find on their way to success. Business, nowadays, should be able to adapt and adjust to the newest trends in the market. Otherwise, they are going to end in the business cemetery.all slots casino review

In the online casino business, innovation is a key ingredient for the success recipe. All Slots Casino, founded in the year 2000, has overcome those challenges thanks to their innovative policies, which have allowed them to become one of the most visited online casinos in the entire world.

The Casino

All Slots has been on the game for a long time now, that’s more than 16 years in the business! And probably, even more years are likely to come if they have the capacity of continuing this casino legacy.

It is a part of the Jackpot Factory Group of Casinos, a group that owns some of the most popular online casinos in the world.

But what’s great about All Slots Casino?

One of the best ways to identify the authenticity and transparency of an online casino is to check their memberships, certifications, and awards.

Gambling activities by All Slots Casino are regulated under a license granted by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, the independent regulatory agency in charge of monitoring and limiting gambling gaming activities in Malta, both online and land-based.

It also holds the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) Seal of Approval, guaranteeing the fairness conditions for all players that are using this platform.

All Slots Casino has also been recognized on multiple times as the Best Online Casino by the Gaming Insider, and its online slot machines have won the award for Best Slots Casino by the same entity. On the other hand, the Jackpot Factory Group of Casino is a two-times recipient of the Casinomeister Award for Best Casino Group.

Being recognized by a third-party agent reduces the possibilities of engaging with an online scam casino.

Their games

“Yes, many awards, that’s fine, thank you for the information, but what about the games?”

We know casino games are what matters the most when choosing an online casino and the people from All Slots Casino are aware of it as well. Casinos, land-based or online, with a poor game selection, won’t make it very far.

In All Slots, you will find more than 500 amazing games. All Slots is not only about slots since you can also play online blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and many more alternatives. All Slots has all the slots machines (more than 200) and all the classic casino games. Additionally, new games are added monthly!

Take your time when choosing a game, browse patiently through this extensive game list and choose the one your instinct tells you!

How to play? You decide

In All Slots Casino, you have the chance of trying the platform before depositing real money. Get familiar with the platform, start to learn how the different buttons work and learn the tricks of your favorite games so you can take advantage of them when playing in real-money tables.

The entire online casino is available for free playing, but remember, take risks! If you win you’ll be happy, if you lose you’ll be wise!

What offers Jackpot City Casino?

The online gaming industry, ever since its existence -approximately at 1996- has become one of the most promising industries, moving more than $30 Billion per year. This trendy market has made online casinos pop-up as popcorn all over the world wide web, but some of them have disappeared as quickly as popcorn in a cinema.jackpot city casino bonus codes

For that reason, any casino that has overcome these difficulties and stayed afloat over the years is something to pay attention to. This is the case of Jackpot City Casino, an online casino founded in 1998 and with one of the largest gaming communities at this very moment.

But what is exactly Jackpot City?

We are talking about one of the oldest online casinos in the history with one of the -for the moment- best reputations in the market thanks to their solid platform and to their numerous giveaways, bonuses, and rewards for its new and old players.

Jackpot City Casino is an online casino created to offer unique entertaining gaming experiences for their international customers thanks to its extensive game list. This experience has been guaranteed by the international government and independent agencies such as the Government of Malta and eCOGRA, which aims to verify the transparency and fairness of online gambling sites.


More than 500 games are available at Jackpot City, the variety of titles and variants make this online casino suitable for all type of players. Additionally, the reliable Microgaming gaming platform makes the process of playing a lot easier, with

If you are fond of online slot machines, more than 300 are at your complete disposition, with some very popular titles like Tomb Raider, Alaskan Fishing, and Thunderstruck. Between this large list, you will surely find what you are looking for.

On the other side, if you are more into more dynamic games such as Blackjack or Roulette, in Jackpot City Casino, you’ll find also some great alternatives for these awesome games. If you are new in this world, go for the amateur tables which require a lower minimum deposit and if you are looking to test your knowledge and experience in these games, go for the experts’ tables.

You would need almost two years to play all of the games of this online casino if you decide to play only a game per day. You could even need more than 2 years considering new games are added continuously to this platform.

Mobile Casino

Despite being on the oldest living online casinos, it has managed to adapt itself to the new market trends, mainly, to online mobile gaming.

People want to continue playing regardless of their location and this is the reason most of Jackpot City Casino’s games can be played on any mobile device, be it an iPhone, an Android device, a Windows phone and even a Blackberry.

In all of these devices, you will enjoy high-quality graphics with an excellent sound. This pocket version of Jackpot City will not require you to download an app, just go to the website’s lobby from your phone and you will be ready to play.

This mobile gaming is also protected with the same encryption system that is used in the regular version of this online casino.

888 Casino, your online gaming platform

The first online casinos were seen in 1996 and 888 Casino has been operating since 1997, so, we’re talking about one of the living legends of online casinos. Any casino that has been able to continue their operations for so long and that it’s still ambitious about finding a new market and customers deserves everybody’s respect.888 casino review

888 Casino is one of the oldest online gambling platform currently existing, during this time, it has built a solid 25-million-player community, with new users joining daily.

What do they offer?

In the gambling industry, we can see one of the toughest market competitions with casinos fighting over their new customers in order to get them through their doors. Therefore, online casinos, as well as land-based casinos, must apply innovative and user-oriented policies and strategies to achieve this goal.

888 Casino, over the years, has been in a constant process of renovation, always adapting to the new trends and tendencies of the market to stay afloat. Instead of using common gaming licenses like Microgaming or Playtech, they have created their own online gaming software, these are its main advantages:

  • A very well-designed layout
  • Amazing graphics
  • Smooth running
  • Available for download and for online playing in 888 Casino’s website.

This proprietary casino software is surely one of a kind, it has kept happy customers for almost 10 years and it will probably follow the same path for the decades to come.

Games, games, games and a lot more!

In 888 Casino, you’ll find a wide variety of games, which include the latest products of the market in addition to the well-known classics. More than 270 of entertaining titles are available, which include

  • Slot machines
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack

Many variants and themes are available for each game, allowing you to have hours of fun in the 888 Casino independent platform.

Live Casino

The recently incorporated live casino is also one of the best features of 888 Casino, you can enjoy seeing the cards, chips and the really good-looking dealers from the comfort of your home in any of the following games:

  • Live Poker
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Texas Hold’em
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Roulette

If you’re not fond of this type of online live modality, we suggest you to give it a try since it is a very different experience that’s worth living. After playing in a live online casino, some people never go back to traditional online casinos or even to traditional land-based casinos!

More than just Casino Games

If at some moment you get tired or bored of these casino games or if you want to test your luck somewhere else, you can always try the 888 Bingo and the 888 Sport, these are very fun and different alternatives that will increase your chances of cashing out more winnings.

The best part of this is that you don’t even have to download another software for Bingo or Sports, it is as simple as switching tabs and start playing.


In 888 Casino, you will receive pretty high-bonuses during your stay. At first, you will receive a welcome bonus up to $200, this meaning, if you deposit $200 when signing up, you will have $400 for spending in any of the games available at the Platform.

Additionally, if you stay as a loyal member of the 888 Casino gaming community, you will be able to enjoy game bonuses, free spins, and some other very special gifts.

How to Win with Zodiac Casino

Zodiac Casino, an online casino member of the Casino Rewards Group that uses the popular casino gaming Microgaming software with an astrological theme, where your luck will depend on what the stars hold for you on that day, there’s even an electronic horoscope that will tell you your lucky number of the day, whether this ends up by being true will be up to you.zodiac casino online

Anyway, leaving aside the superstitious theme, Zodiac Casino is an online casino that offers many gaming and winning opportunities, it has one of the largest game selections which is not only limited to slot machines, but you can also find Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Progressive Jackpot machines.

This last feature in combination with their solid gaming platform -thank Microgaming- is what users enjoy the most of this casino and one of the most valuable features in the industry itself.

Signing up

Considering the big number of casinos that are battling each other to get new clients on their website, it is no wonder that signing up became the easiest part of the whole process.

For security and performance purposes, in order to start playing, you need to download a basic piece of software that won’t take more than just a few minutes. You need to fill your basic personal information, select your deposit method (more than 20 available) and you’ll be all set.

Additionally, by signing up you can enjoy some pretty incredible welcome bonuses which will prolong the useful life of your first deposit.

If you’re not looking to spend real money at the time, there’s always the possibility of playing in “guest” mode and still benefit from the gaming experience just for fun. If you are first trying to get familiarized with the platform, this also one very useful method to achieve that.

Also, keep in mind that Zodiac Casino is not available in all countries, therefore, check their official website and verify you are able to join this gaming community.

Games and bonuses

The most attractive feature of Zodiac Casino is their game selection, you can find the classic game titles and some very interesting -and even weird games- that can make you get very high winnings. The most extensive list is found in the online slot machines, nevertheless, you should still check the other sections of this website, perhaps the stars are holding your luck out of your comfort zone in a game you are not particularly familiar with.

This online casino is also famous for its bonuses and its rewards, they are actually the reason most people join in because thanks to these gifts they can extend the life of their initial deposits.

In Zodiac Casino, you enjoy mainly three types of bonuses: welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and special events bonuses. The generosity is seen miles away in Zodiac Casino.

Gaming platform

This special casino software provided by Microgaming has been created in order to deliver an outstanding gaming experience, with user-friendly features, high-quality graphics and a solid coding that prevents the gaming from crashing down, even if you are having internet problems!

Very recommended

Zodiac Casino has been worldwide recognized for their job since it has been capable of providing a reliable and entertaining casino, suitable for all types of players. Its reputation and certifications give it a pretty solid advantage among its competitors.

The numerous games, their high payouts, and their astrological theme make of Zodiac Casino a very interesting alternative that is worth trying.