Mega Moolah, the millionaire maker

Mega Moolah is one of the most played online casino games in the history, but in order to understand how this game works, we first need to explain progressive Jackpots.

A progressive Jackpot is a type of Jackpot that can be seen most commonly in slot machines and in video poker, the value of this jackpot increases with each played game. Usually, many machines are connected to the same jackpot, the more games are played, the bigger the jackpot will be.mega moolah casino online

This jackpot continues to increase until someone hits the big jackpot, restarting the counting. These progressive jackpots are famous because they have the potential to deliver very high and lucrative prizes, capable of changing your life around in case you get the right figures on your screen.

Mega Moolah, or as some people call it “The Millionaire Maker” is an online slot machine which features one of the most popular progressive jackpots since it usually distributes more than $1 million every time someone hits the big jackpot.

It is your typical online 5 reel, 25 pay-line slot machine, except that this one is themed in the Wild-Africa. Most people don’t appreciate the natural beauty that can be found on lions, zebras, monkeys, elephants, and giraffes until they start playing these games and until those animals start making them win real money.

The HD colorful graphics of this game just contribute for a better gaming experience and today, this wild and beautiful Africa offers you the chance of becoming very very rich in just a matter of seconds

But how does Mega Moolah work?

There are three types of Jackpots, the Mini, the Major and the Mega, with every single bet you place while playing Mega Moolah a small portion goes to the Progressive Jackpot pool, if more bets are placed, those small portions would then build a very solid and fruitful jackpot.

The jackpot doesn’t have any limits when growing, it only stops growing when a player hits the Mega jackpot and wins the Mega Moolah, all prizes are then drained in their entirety. If you haven’t seen recent winners, it only means the jackpot is bigger than ever.

The applied mechanism has worked great for many players who have had the luck of cashing out millions in winnings. On the other side, there are progressive jackpot machines who haven’t seen a Mega winner in more than 20 years, nevertheless, this is not the case for Mega Moolah.

 In order to win Mega Moolah, you need to hit one of three jackpots mentioned above and the real question is how exactly do we do that?

The answer to this question is a bit uncertain. As any other casino game, there is no way of predicting the results, otherwise, all casinos would have probably gone bankrupt decades ago.

Winners are chosen completely randomly thanks to Mega Moolah’s random number generator, guarantying fairness and equality between all players. Therefore, anyone can win Mega Moolah at any given time.

The best advice we can give you is to sit, play and enjoy, even if you don’t hit the Mega jackpot, you will spend many hours of fun with these wild African animals. Enjoy the ride!

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