Why everyone loves Royal Vegas Casino?

If you think about casinos, the first picture that always gets to your head is the main boulevards of Las Vegas, with those big casinos that are always screened on the movies.royal vegas casino games

“The city of sin” is the mother of all casinos, it’s the inspiration for all types of casinos, whether they are land-based or online, they all aim to resemble in their own way to the beautiful and dangerous city of Las Vegas.

Since 2000, The Royal Vegas Casino has been capable of recreating this concept with their amazing online platform. Nevertheless, this is just more than a Vegas casino, it’s a Royal Vegas Casino because besides offering their customers unique gambling opportunities with interesting and entertaining games, their clientele also gets to be treated as Kings and Queens.

Who are they?

The Royal Vegas Casino is an online casino which has been in the business for more than 16 years, it’s a part of the world-wide recognized Fortune Lounge of Online Casinos, one of the biggest groups in the e-gambling industry.

Their years of experience has consolidated their business concept and has allowed them to build a very loyal gaming community, a phenomenon which is rarely seen when talking about casinos.

In the casino niche, customers are considered to be kangaroos, once they get tired of a casino or at their first lost, they just jump to another casino to continuing testing their luck.

If a casino is capable of controlling these kangaroos, just like Royal Vegas has been doing for the past few years, they are probably doing their job pretty well.

What do they offer?

One of the reasons they have been of keeping their users loyal to them is by simply offering what customers are looking for in an online casino: good games in a reliable platform that guarantee fairness and equity conditions and a good customer support in case something happens.

It sounds so simple, nevertheless, just a few online casinos can truly offer those features. This concept has been the key to success Royal Vegas Casino and this success has been recognized by many international organizations. In 2015, it was awarded as the best online casino and it has been a multiple times recipient of customer service awards.

Additionally, all of its activities are regulated and monitored by the Malta Gaming Authority and the eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), protecting international customers from getting scammed.


In order to get a gaming license, all casinos, (land-based and electronic) must comply with certain security requirements. Some casinos just offer basic gaming protection just to get that license and operate “legally”, but Royal Vegas Casino has gone beyond this and has implemented many measures to truly protect their users.

It uses a 128-bit SSL Digital Encryption to keep your information (personal and financial) safe from hack attacks. This technology is the same that is used by big banks and financial institutions all over the world.

Customer service

The customer service of Royal Vegas Casino is widely praised because it is extremely efficient -one of the quickest response time average- and extremely effective -capable of delivering real solutions to their clients’ problems and inquiries.

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