Australians now have the chance to play in an old, but constantly renovated casino: Spin Palace Casino!

What’s the problem with regular casinos?

The industry of gambling ever since its existence has been quite problematic and even polemic. Land-based casinos started to implement many ways of slightly ripping off the players, allowing them to win and lose with such a rhythm that they all users felt too in love with the art of gambling, leading to great losses for them and their families, but very green numbers for the casino.

National and international regulations in their moment achieved new ways of guaranteeing the fairness and transparency of the game, protecting the interests of the users and the community itself. Nowadays, the casino activity is one of the most surveilled activities.

With the introduction of the online era, there were who took advantage of the casino love to create online casinos out of the regulating eye of the public offices, users could decide if they wanted to have hours of free fun by playing with fictional credits, or taste their own by risking their own money in an online not-seen-before company.

Some of them got very lucky and were able to cash out thousands of Australian dollars in winnings, others were, unfortunately, scam victims.

As for today, this whole online casino phenomenon has completely changed forever and for good since there are now more regulations and more ways to verify the authenticity of casinos.

One of the pioneers in this area was Spin Palace, one of the oldest online casinos in the market.

What is Spin Palace?

Spin Palace Australia is one of the oldest online casinos in the world wide web by being founded in 2001 and being a part of an innovative casino network known as The Palace Group, who intended to create a reliable and easy-to-use platform capable of providing hours of fun to their loyal casino community, who has been following them since their beginnings.


Its services are available not only for Australia but also for many countries in Europe and Asia. It supports many coins and languages, being able to reach their worldwide audience.

Why do we say Spin Palace is one of the best?

Simple question. Sustainable companies innovate their concept considering the current market circumstances, adopting new modalities or expanding somehow to new markets in order to catch those early growing trends.

Since the creation of online casinos, the first one being launched in 1996, most of the casinos have just copied and pasted the same online casino concepts over the years, not offering anything new or attractive to their clients.

Spin Palace, ever since 2001 has already made more than even many land-based casinos. It was one of the first ones to create a mobile platform for casino gaming, Spin Palace Mobile, an opportunity for those who have migrated from desktops and laptops to mobile devices.

Innovation is written all about their website!

How does Spin Palace work?

Spin Palace Casino, regardless if you are using it on your desktop or on your mobile device, is very easy to use and based on our own experience, it will only take a matter of minutes:

  1. Create a username and a password on their official Australian website.
  2. Download their software and sign with that previous information.
  3. Start playing the game of your preference and feel the passion of winning!

The benefits of Spin Palace Casino Australia


By playing at Spin Palace Casino, there are tons of positive things you can enjoy, some of the most popular are:

  • A long list of games: in this online casino you can find more than 400 games, including the popular games: casino slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat with many variants and with some of the most popular titles. It’s impossible that you don’t find a good game between this wide selection.
  • With your computer or with your mobile device: the list of games can be played either on your computer by downloading their official software on your mobile device, be it IOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry.
  • Secure gameplay. The IT department has achieved a very safe and reliable platform for you to play in, where you can easily and safely deposit your money as well as withdrawing your winnings.

Their system features a technology known as P128 SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption, which creates a solid layer of security for your account, protecting your personal and bank information.

  • Their Jackpots. One of the best things about being a player of Spin Palace Casino is the possibility of hitting one of their big jackpots, one of the most lucrative in the market. If you check their winners’ list, you will see a large list of winners and some very incredible payouts, there are people who don’t even believe is possible to win that much in an online casino.

The history of a winner

Mark Jones, a 23-young boy from Sidney, was one of the most recent “big” winners with Spin Palace.

A few days ago, he started to hear the rumors about online casinos, he was excited about playing and then he came across with Spin Palace and decided to taste his luck.

At first, he states he was a “bit hesitant” and “unsure” since it was its first time gambling online, nevertheless, he went forward.

He found what he says it looked like interesting and a subject themed game named “Break Da Bank”, an online slot machine, in a matter of minutes, he was able to cash out more than 100.000 AUD.

Withdrawing that money to their account just took him the regular days and since that moment, his life has considerably changed.

“Now I keep playing in Spin Palace, I keep getting constant winnings and I think it’s just a matter of time before I hit another big prize”


Spin Palace has maintained a very high reputation from the moment of its creation. If you check other websites, you can see the many positive reviews it has in its favor. In our opinion, it was one of the most reliable alternatives for the Australian market, a fun option with very entertaining games and very high chances of winnings.

So far, the experience is completely recommended!